The Edinburgh Fringe 2019

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Welcome to the home page for all our Edinburgh Fringe updates and news!

We are so excited to be returning to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year, after our (accidental) hiatus last year!

Here we’ll be keeping you up to date on everything that’s related to us, because we’re self centred on our website, and we hope to see you in the audience of one of our shows! Or both. Not every night, though. We know you’re busy.

Why not click on a link to one of our shows? That’d be interesting, wouldn’t it? If you prefer just looking at us, without seeing us live on stage, we’ve added a few still images for you too! Outtakes, if you will, from our lovely photo shoot. Photos by Sam Wicks and Ethan Davies.

Here’s our sketch show: An Excellent Cleanser of the Liver

And here’s out stand-up show: Sets in the City

And, finally, here are some photos: