Looking Sketchy 29/4/2018 Now on YouTube!


That’s right folks, we’re back.

Or, at least, our videos are.

Sure, the release of this masterpiece has been delayed by five months, but I think we can all agree that the wait has been worth it (in a survey done by The Sheffield Revue, 1 out of 1 people confirmed that the wait was indeed worth it).

At the tail end of last year we performed our ‘Spring has Sprung’ sketch show at Blues Bar, which included some new sketches alongside some of the year’s best material. This show, therefore, not only allows us to look back on what we achieved during the past year, but also showcases some of the ‘amazing’ talent that the Revue has to offer.

Young or old, comedian or not, look out for us in the comming year in and around Sheffield; preparing, performing, and partying the nights away!

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Find the full video HERE.