Sets in the City

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A clever pun in the title. I wonder what this show is.

The Sheffield Revue Presents….
Sets in the City

This is our stand-up show for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Only the title is related to that TV show, though one of the stand-ups may talk about it…we’re not the censorship police! I swear!

It’s going to contain some of our best stand-ups, doing five to ten minutes, along with our great MCs, all taking turns to make you laugh each night. There’s not much more to say, really, other than these stand-up slots will be auditioned for, so you know you’re getting the best! Experience levels may vary, but we guarantee everyone will be great. We just hope you rise to meet them. Metaphorically. Don’t stand up the entire time; that’s our job.

Some of our alumni will also be at the Fringe, and we recommend checking them out! Sean Morley, Sam Nicoresti, Tom Burgess, Glenn Moore and Martin Pilgrim are but a few, though if you are a past member and wish to plug your show through this here list, let us know.

Anyway, all I can really do from here onward is copy and paste some publicity jargon to try and get you to come along, though if that word in bold above doesn’t work, nothing will!

—–Publicity Jargon Incoming—–

Hey, you! Don’t watch that! Watch this!

The Sheffield Revue Presents….
Sets in the City

A brand new show from some comedians you don’t know!
Guaranteed to make you laugh, or absolutely none of your money back*!

Join The Sheffield Revue for an hour of what is sure to be an eclectic and rib-tickling mix of stand up comedy!
Come along and see a different set of hilarious stand-ups a night, all accompanied by one of our fantastic MCs who will pump you all so full of soul you’ll be bursting and ready for a toilet break!

Some old reviews:

“Refreshing and enjoyable. A great deal of comic talent is exhibited, just waiting to be discovered.”
**** Three Weeks Edinburgh

“Succeeds in producing something unique […] and the hit-rate is staggering.”
**** views from the gods

“[T]he show was aggravatingly misjudged.”
** BroadwayBaby

*Free show.
Funded by the Sheffield Alumni Foundation.

Some relatable comedy.