An Excellent Cleanser of the Liver

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What is this? Why are we here?

The Sheffield Revue Presents….

An Excellent Cleanser of the Liver

This is our sketch show for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It’s not that easy describing a sketch show without giving away details about each individual sketch, but let’s just say it’s an excellent clever trick to name our show something so inspirational that all people will have had tattooed to the backs of their necks at the age of 5.

We’ve been writing this show since October, and have been performing and testing our material all over the place: from long try outs at our nice, local shows to a smash performance of some of our shorter sketches at the Scottish Student Comedy Festival. We’re quite confident in our material and in the performers chosen to represent us at this year’s Fringe (2019).

Some of our alumni will also be at the Fringe, and we recommend checking them out! Sean Morley, Sam Nicoresti, Tom Burgess, Glenn Moore and Martin Pilgrim are but a few, though if you are a past member and wish to plug your show through this here list, let us know.

Anyway, that’s as much as I can divulge at the moment. Probably won’t be able to do much else except copy and paste some advertising speak below. We hope to see you there!

—–Advertising Speak Incoming—–

Hey, you! Don’t watch that! Watch this!

The Sheffield Revue Presents….
An Excellent Cleanser of the Liver

A brand new show from some comedians you don’t know!
Guaranteed to make you laugh, or absolutely none of your money back*!

Join the Sheffield Revue on an adventure through sketch comedy and time as we all try and figure out what’s going on! Brimming with gags, wit and a dollop of absurdism, this is a spectacle to behold, beware, behave at.

Some old reviews:
“Funny, cleverly written and occasionally exceptional.”
**** Three Weeks Edinburgh

“Succeeds in producing something unique […] and the hit-rate is staggering.”
**** views from the gods

“[T]hey used the Teletubby Lala to travel back in time and change all the sketches, repeating all of the sketches which were unfunny enough the first time round.”
** BroadwayBaby

*Free show.
Funded by the Sheffield Alumni Foundation.

Dr. Sample helping you find some sketch comedy to watch at the Fringe 2019.