Monthly Update: May 2018


Find out what’s happening with the society and with the Sheffield comedy scene for the month of May 2018.

Another one of those so called ‘brief’ Monthly Updates this month, as it’s getting close to exam season. On the upside, the closer we get to summer the close we get to Edinburgh, so expect to see lots and lots of acts heading towards the city previewing their latest hour long shows. Who knows, maybe that’ll even be true for us. But then again, maybe not. On with the info!


Top Tips for Tourist Joke Tellers:  Ethan’s last blog from Paris is a reflective one, as he looks back on all the lessons he learnt from a year of performing comedy as an expat. It’s interesting!

Loose Cannon #50: To celebrate Loose Cannon hitting 50 episodes and Phil leaving as producer, we decided to get cameras back out and record a super special filmed episode. There are fake champagne glasses and a trophy involved. It’s very swanky. It may also be our best episode yet.


USLES Presents An Evening of Light Entertainment (Monday 13th May, Foundry,  4:45pm, £5 Advance/ £6 Door):  a fun-packed evening of humour, talent, helicopters, and lots of laughs! (Except not helicopters) Join USLES, The Shrimps, Cosplay Society, and us on what promises to be an unforgeable evening of light entertainment! So don’t think about ever forgetting it. We’re on first.



Regather Comedy Club (Thursday 10th May, Regather, 7:30pm, £8/£7.50 Students): This month’s Regather Comedy Club is proud to host the triumphant and anarchic Paul Currie. Described as a “one man Monty Python”, we’re excited to see what he’s going to bring to the people of Sheffield.  With supports TBC.

Square Hole Comedy (Sunday 13th May, Red Deer, 7pm, £6 Advance/£8 Door): This months edition of Rich Milner’s comedy showcase promises to “cast your Seasonal Affective Disorder aside and commit to a few months of determined denial of the darkness that will ensue yet again thereafter”.  With Chris Stokes, James Meehan, and Stan Skinny.

Sheffield Improv Jam (Thursday 31st May, DINA, 7:30pm, P.W.Y.W): You know the deal by now, it’s an improv jam. Have fun playing short form games and get to know Sheffield’s wide reaching improv community. As always.

Broomhill Comedy Club (Wednesday 30th May, Blues, 7:30pm, FREE/P.W.Y.W): Dan Tiernan is back it again with another showcase of the finest comedians on the yorkshire circuit at Sheffield’s newest open mic comedy night.


Iain Stirling – U OK Hun? X (Sunday 6th May, City Hall, 8pm, £22.40): After selling out his entire Edinburgh Fringe run out in advance and adding shows due to extra public demand, the BAFTA winning comedian and voice of Love Island takes his hit show to Sheffield. Join the ‘star of comedy’ (The i) as he explores dinner party etiquette and the pressures on a generation brought up in a world of instant gratification. How has modern living affected our ability to find long term happiness? Can social media ever reflect real life? And why is the floor lava?

Shazia Mirza – With Love From St.Tropez (Thursday 10th May, City Hall, 8pm, £22.40): Following her critically acclaimed 2016, 103 date sell-out international tour; Shazia Mirza brings you her brand new stand-up show for 2017. A show about lies and truth- or is that the same thing? Nudity and The Periodic Table, these things hold the key to the future. How much do you wear? What do you look like, and will they let you in? Whatever happens, don’t you dare wear more than dental floss on a French beach.

Shrimps & Shrimpettes Show (Friday 18th May, Uni Arms, 7pm, FREE/P.W.Y.W): Hey, our improv friends at The Shrimps are holding their second Shrimp/Shirmpette double header of the year soon! The two canyon walls that are of your love of improvised comedy and thinly stretched metaphors have trapped you in. There’s no escape, so come along for a ride in three parts: First the veteran Shrimps, followed by the young and scrappy Shrimpettes, and then a grand finale!

Robin Ince – Pragmatic Insanity (Wednesday 16th May, Leadmill, 7pm, £15): The star of The Infinite Monkey Cage returns with his first new solo show for three years. A night about love, death and art (with a little bit of physics). It is 90 minutes fizzing with ideas about creativity in science and art, as well as asking why we believe we see what we see and why we believe what we believe.

Nathan Caton: Pursuit Of Happiness (Wednesday 23rd May, Leadmill, 7pm, £12): Following the success of last year’s Straight Outta Middlesex tour, the prolific Nathan Caton is back! He’s keeping it real and keeping it funny, dissecting all things from the personal to the political in this hilarious show.

Mandatory Redistribution Party (Saturday 26th May, DINA, 7:30pm, £5/P.W.Y.W): Mandatory Redistribution Party is an audio-visual comedy lecture presented by two absurdist comedians as they delve into the unsightly state of modern politics from a radical leftist perspective. Join Sean Morley and Jack Evans as they provide a guided tour of the historical context and ideologies that got us into this mess and the landscape that will determine the struggle ahead.

Shappi Khorsandi – Mistress And Misfit (Thursday 31st May, Leadmill, 7pm, £15): In a show that was a Revue favourite during last years Edinburgh Fringe, Shappi presents England’s unsung heroine, Emma Hamilton. For too many years she has been known as just ‘Nelson’s mistress’, a bit of a harlot. (You get ONE job in a brothel and bang goes your reputation.) Women’s lib wasn’t a ‘thing’ in Georgian times, Emma moved mountains to haul herself from ‘scullery maid’ to ‘Lady Hamilton’. Yes, she occasionally danced on tables naked to get ahead in life, but who hasn’t? As a fellow naked dancer on tables, Shappi is inspired by Emma, although she never wants hair big enough to house mice in.


Oh man am I phoning these ending gags in. To tell you guys a little secret, I didn’t know I needed to do another one of these before passing it along. No one reads these but you and me, it’s fine. If any one asks you what the funny thing at the end of this edition of Monthly Update was, tell them it was an animated video of a squirrel fighting the Arts Tower or an angry poem or something. But no, this ending gag is not good. Here it is.


Yeah, I know. It’s a let down. It’s low effort. It blatantly latches on to a popular thing that’s happened for cheap laughs. It makes no sense. Like these ending things made no sense at the best of times but this is really testing people’s patience. I get all that. Look, here’s the thing. If you’re reading this, then truly and sincerely, thanks a lot. But you are literally the only person in the world who does. The world wide web was conceived as a egalitarian platform for the distribution of information, but nobody is going to go on this website to look for comedy listings in Sheffield. It’s just you. You and me. Lying here in the desert. Tumble weed idly skipping right past us. I have two hands and one brain. I’m just a dude, just one guy.  I’m a cabbage on a conveyor belt, just moving along. All I’m doing is conveying information. I get paid no money for this. I have a degree. Sometimes you have a creative burnout. So what can I say, poopity scoop is the best you’re getting. Maybe next month’s will be better.

And to clarify this is the actual last Monthly Update to come from me (Phil). I know I said last month’s was, stuff happened, I dunno.

Right, i’m rambling on so i’m just going to stop there. Bye, for real this time. See you next month.