Loose Cannon #50: What A Time To Be Alive


Loose Cannon is fifty episodes old! What a time to be alive! In this weeks episode we celebrate our half centenary with a two camera setup and an in depth look into the south yorkshire mayoral candidates, with no stone left unturned. With Owen, Saquib, Tom, Jessica, Damian, Gus, & host Sam.

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Editors Note:

So here we are, after 2 years my 50th and final episode of Loose Cannon as producer is finally out and it’s on camera. Check it out, share it with your friends, share it with your enemies, share it with strangers, do whatever. This one’s a personal favourite.

Doing this unpaid job for 2 years has certainly has had it’s highs and it’s lows. It’s no secret that organising a weekly podcast can be stressful, for both me and the poor souls I’ve been pestering all this time. With that being said, overall the podcast has been a success, maybe not the podcast that everybody envisioned, but I like to imagine that we created this offbeat, unquantifiable monster together as a society, and i’m very grateful for that.

While i’m here I’d like to thank everybody who has been part of Loose Cannon over the past few years. Marcus, Max, Pez, Matt, Alex, Benny, Ethan, Shem, Rob, Ghislan, Collin, Stephen, Joel, Damian, Luke, Ingrid, Chad, Saquib, Sarah, Gus, Kate, Jessica, Sam, Nathan, Sean, Gaz, Ridwan, Imogen, Pierre, Tommy, Tom A, Tom P, and anyone else who i’ve forgotten. And thanks to everyone who listened. Even in the most stressful & hair pulling of occasions this has been a joy to produce and i’m glad i’ve been given the opportunity to indulge in literally the dumbest shit for no one’s benefit.

I have full confidence in Sam and the new committee to take Loose Cannon in new and exciting directions, and who knows, maybe one day we could make it to 100. Until then, peace out.

– Phil


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