Monthly Update: March 2018


Find out what’s happening with the society and with the Sheffield comedy scene for the month of March 2018.

It’s finally March and spring has come, for the intrepid student that means the starts of many months of rushed revision of all the stuff you missed out on in first semester, causing you to miss out on second semester material that you’ll then have to later revise for. Ah, the wonders of life.

For the intrepid comedian March means that preparations for Fringe season are well underway, and that includes us. Better look for those coppers under your bed, because going to the festival is not cheap, or easy for that matter. Better start writing and polishing that material, August and the hectic hustle and bustle that that comes with it is coming sooner than you think. Ah, the wonders of life.

For the intrepid regular dude with hayfever and allergies, March means screw you, screw you to hell and back. You, as a person with conditions beyond your control, deserve only the worst suffering. hey, remember plants? Those things everyone likes and that are essential to our ecosystem functioning? Better avoid those bad boys. Ah, the wonders of life.

The important thing is that it’s March, and thank goodness winter is over. Now if you excuse me I’m going to look out my window… well shit. Anyway, on with the info!


Confidence Is Key: In our first article of the calendar year, Ethan finally returned to writing with an article about the importance of self worth. Give it a read and feel inspired.

Scottish Student Comedy Festival: For the very first time in the history of the world, Sheffield had a presence at the annual Scottish . We had a lot of fun and we’re very proud of the sketch and stand up that we got to perform there, and seeing and mingling around with so many other student comedy societies was really cool and enlightening for us. Hopefully we get to do it again next year. Or maybe even sooner? Hmm.

Loose Cannon Returns!: We’re finally back on our nonsense with the first Loose Cannon episodes of 2018. And we’re off to a ridiculous start with a fake movie awards show that goes off the rails and a real eBay auction which… goes off the rails. Listen to every episode on our website or subscribe on iTunes.

We’ve Moved: In case you’re wondering why we’re not holed up View Room 4 for all of our workshops this semester, is because we don’t have that room anymore. For the rest of this semester we should be holding workshops in room G.08 on 38 Mappin Street (the inconspicuous building between the Mappin Building and Portabello). Same times for workshops though, 6-8pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays.


Looking Sketchy – March 18′ (Sunday 4th March, Blues, 7:30pm, £3/£2 Members): Coming of a successful SSCF stint, we bring you our first sketch show of the year, featuring all the best sketches written over the last week- CHRISTMAS. Featuring the usual wacky experiments from a range of sketch comedians, and I’ve seen the experiments, they’re pretty good. Be there, be square, or be elsewhere.SketchyMarBanner

Stand Up Showcase – March 18′ (Monday 12th March, University Arms, 7:30pm, £3/£2 Members): Let’s be real. We all hate mondays, and we all spend our monday morning thinking “Gee wiz, I do wish that I could wash the taste of the corporate drudgery out of my mouth with a bumper packed night of stand up comedy”. Well, we have your back. Join us for our first Stand Up Showcase of the year and never get the monday blues again.


Annual General Meeting (Thursday 22nd March, Venue TBC, 5pm): This is the most important meeting we hold every year. At a society AGM we make changes to our constitution, and elect a brand new committee via the power of democracy and voting! If you want to have your say, make a change, or just see what passes for formalised admin here at the Revue, then join us!



Sheffield Improv Jam (Thursday 1st March/Thursday 29th March, DINA, 7:30pm, Free/P.W.Y.W): Due to the nature of the month of February, you get 2 Sheffield Improv Jams for the price of one Sheffield Improv Jam! Have fun playing short form games and get to know Sheffield’s wide reaching improv community, and then do it again for a second time, it’s all free!

Regather Comedy Club (Saturday 3rd March, Regather, 7:30pm, £8.50/£7.50 Students): Sean Morley’s monthly comedy night is back for another jam packed show, with the first ever ‘double headlining gig’. With the talents of the always delightful Australians (and Revue favourites) Sarah Bennetto and Bec Hill.

Mr Panda’s Comedy Night (Wednesday 7th March, Hagglers Corner, 7:30pm, Free/P.W.Y.W): Sheffield’s most one sided double act of Charlie Gascoyne and Mr Panda return with yet a another months worth of stand up comedy. With a self proclaimed stonking line up of acts including Luke Helly, Emilia D’Escrivan, Adam Elmi, Matt Hoss, Tom Short, and Matt Bonanno.

Square Hole Comedy (Sunday 11th March, Red Deer, 7:30pm, £6 Advance/£8 Door): As always Rich Milner’s comedy showcase comes to you on the second Sunday of the month with this months line up featuring Pat Cahill & Peter Brush. Tickets for this always sell out fast so make sure to subscribe to Square Hole’s mailing list to avoid disappointment.

Broomhill Comedy Club (Wednesday 28th March, Blues, 7:30pm, Free/P.W.Y.W): Sheffield’s newest monthly comedy night is up and running with two successful nights in the books. Join host Dan Tiernan and a selection of top notch acts for another killer comedy night.


Ed Byrne – Spoiler Alert (Friday 2nd March, City Hall, 8pm, £26.88): Are we filled with righteous anger at a world gone wrong or are we all just a bunch of whiny little brats? In short, are we spoiled? Come and watch as Byrne takes this question, turns it upside down and shakes it until the funny falls out. Go on, spoil yourself.

Jess Robinson – Here Come The Girls (Sunday 4th March, City Hall, 8pm, £19.60): Join multi award-winner Jess Robinson for an evening of spot-on celebrity impressions, musical comedy and stunning vocal gymnastics. Like a wonderfully malfunctioning jukebox, Jess and her incredible vocals will take you on a dizzying journey through hilarious musical mash-ups, serving a feast of styles and genres from Billie Holiday and Judy Garland to Amy Winehouse and Beyoncé.

Russell Brand – Re:Birth (Tuesday 6th March, City Hall, 8pm, £30.80): In Re:Birth, Russell Brand wrestles with these questions while unravelling the matrix of modern media, politics, sex, fatherhood and death. Join one of comedy’s fiercest talents as he tries to make sense of life having just made a new one.

Comedy Clam -Top Joe and Sean Morley Previews (Thursday 8th March, Delicious Clam Records, 7:30pm, £5/P.W.Y.W): Delicious Clam, a DIY music venue, is holding a one time only double header comedy night. With absurdist mainstay Top Joe and Sheffield icon Sean Morley previewing their new festival shows in front of an inmate low key crowd. Capacity is only 30 so if you’re interested in this then our advice is to go for it ASAP.

Tom Binns is Ian D Montford and Ivan Brackenbury (Thursday 8th March, Leadmill, 7pm, £12.50): You may know him from his appearances on 8 out of 10 cats doe Countdown and Hospital People, but now the acclaimed ventriloquist and character act brings his alter egos, Hospital radio DJ Ivan Brackenbury and psychic Ian D Montfort, to the Leadmill in what is sure to be an action packed live show not to be missed.

Samantha Baines – 1 Woman, a High-Flyer and a Flat Bottom (Wednesday 14th March, Leadmill, 7pm, £12.50): Award-winning comedian Samantha Baines  returns to Sheffield after back to back smash hit Edinburgh Fringe runs. This year she’s exploring the lost women of science. Expect facts, puns and an ear trumpet attached to a whiskey bottle. It’s science meets funny.

David Baddiel – My Family: Not The Sitcom (Sunday 18th March, City Hall, 7:30pm, £28.56): Baddiel’s latest is a show about memory, ageing, infidelity, dysfunctional relatives, moral policing on social media, golf, and gay cats. A massively disrespectful celebration of the lives of David Baddiel’s late sex-mad mother, Sarah, and dementia-ridden father, Colin. Come and be offended on David’s behalf!

Kerry Godliman – Stick or Twist (Wednesday 21st March, Leadmill, 7pm, £15): Kerry Godliman is back on tour. Her straight talking brand of quick wit and bewilderment will be covering more of life’s anomalies. Why is there a Buddha at the garden centre? Why collect her children’s teeth? And even though she can’t stand aubergines, why is it her favourite emoji? There’s loads to get sorted. Be there. She’ll do all the talking.

Daliso Chaponda – “What The African Said…” (Friday 23rd March, Leadmill, 7pm, £15): Daliso Chaponda has lived in countries where the press is not allowed to criticize the government, and in others with no libel laws where they can say anything. He has been both a journalist and a jaded newsreader. He is the perfect comedian to discuss what the media has become, which he does in his hilarious new show ‘What African Said…’. The show is about recent news, old news, fake news, and stories that were never quite but was ALMOST news. It is also a show about the things we say to each other; gossip, tall stories and of course declarations of love.

Joe Lycett – I’m About To Lose Control and I Think Joe Lycett (Thursday 27th/Friday 28th March, City Hall, 8pm, £22.40): Pop in and see Joe Lycett on his brand new stand-up tour, where he’ll be sharing jokes, paintings and some of the pathetic internet trolling he’s been up to recently. As seen on 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown, QI and The Royal Variety Performance.

Mark Thomas: Showtime From The Frontline (Saturday 29th/Sunday 20th March, Drama Studio, 7:30pm, £20): Dodging cultural and literal bullets, Israeli incursions and religion, Mark Thomas and his team set out to run a comedy club for two nights in the Palestinian city of Jenin. Only to find it’s not so simple to celebrate freedom of speech in a place with so little freedom. Jenin refugee camp, home to Jenin Freedom Theatre and to people with a wealth of stories to tell. Mark tells this story alongside two of its actors and aspiring comics Faisal Abu Alhayjaa and Alaa Shehada. A story about being yourself in a place that wants to put you in a box.


Every month we ask members young & old the important questions of today, in comedy and beyond. Here are their answers for this month.

We live in increasingly absurd and volatile political climate. Is that good for comedy? Bad? Neither? Why?

“In some ways there’s a lot to talk about. In other ways, in a world where propaganda is increasingly blatant, it’s more difficult to effectively parody. Comedy’s real strength politically is in providing a platform for lived experience and opinion; so I think the best way forward is to ensure that, as an art form/community, we are providing a platform for the previously voiceless.”


What single piece of advice would you give about comedy that has nothing to do with writing or performance?

“Support your local comedy scene by being in the audience. Firstly, because without a supportive local scene there’s very limited opportunites for new comedians to grow. Secondly, because you can learn a lot from watching other performers if you go with your critical/analytical head on. Thirdly it’s actually just bloody good for you – laughter releases good stuff like endorphins, and we all spend too much time staring at screens. Go out and stare at some humans instead!”

“Do other things. Read a lot. Watch a lot of films. Listen to a lot of music. Experience the world. Try out new things. Seek out new areas of knowledge. Do literally anything else. Otherwise you won’t know what you’re talking about for anything and you’ll go mad.”

“Have Fun!”


A history of timelines. See you next month.