Monthly Update: January 2018


Find out what’s happening with the society and with the Sheffield comedy scene for the month of January 2018.

Happy New Year everybody! Hope you’ve enjoyed your holidays. A whole new year of failed resolutions, and sociopolitical based despair. Who knows what joys and horrors the new year will bring us? One thing is for sure, comedy is not going away any time soon. In fact, I have word from a couple of sources that comedy is on the up and up right now. Stocks are way up on comedy.

January is normally a more quiet month for live shows as everyone is coming back from lengthy breaks. But there is still plenty going on to interest the intrepid comedy fan. So without further ado, let’s get on with our first Monthly Update of the year. And here’s to another year of monthly installments of article making sure you know slightly more about comedy that’s going on in sheffield.


Loose Cannon – Best Of 2017: Wait, what do you mean you haven’t listened to Loose Cannon before? We talk about it on here non stop. We plug it on every monthly update. What are you doing missing out on the most special and unique comedy podcast. Well luckily for you we recently put a best of 2017 epsiode so you can catch up on the best bits. But c’mon man, you’re late.

Xmas Videos: We put out a bunch of sets from our recent Secret Santa Stand Up show. The whole night was crazy and the resulting sets have to be seen to be believed. Check them out!


We’re on holiday this month, so everything’s on hiatus on our end. But don’t worry, come February we’ll all be refreshed and it’ll be business as usual for our shows, workshops, & podcasts.


John Bishop – Winging It (Thursday 11th January, City Hall, 8pm, £39.20): For  those of you who missed him last year, there’s another opportunity to see his hit new show ‘Winging It’. Once again I don’t know if it’s about planes. If anybody knows, hit me up.

Square Hole Comedy (Sunday 14th January, Red Deer, 7pm, £6 Advance/£8 Door): It’s buisness as usual for Rich Milner’s comedy showcase. This month features  stand up talents of Fern Brady and sketch double act (and Revue fringe favourites) Sian & Zoe. Make sure to follow them on social media for any updates because these things tend to sell out quick.

Big No No  (Thursday 18th January, Rutland Arms, 7:30pm, P.W.Y.W): Thom Williams  returns for another year with his alternative comedy showcase, featuring an eclectic set of acts off the beaten track. Keep track of their social media for updates on the line up.

Dave Spikey – Juggling On a Motorbike (Thursday 18th January, City Hall, 7:30pm, £19.04): A show where Dave celebrates the 30th anniversary of his comedy career. In this show he will look back on his remarkable life and his incredible journey from working class lad to Chief Biomedical Scientist to much loved comedy performer and writer via Phoenix Nights, Eight out of Ten Cats, Bullseye, Dead Man Weds, Magnolia, The Royal Variety Show, Parkinson and many more.

Regather Comedy Club (Saturday 20th January, Regather, 7:30pm, £10/£7.50 Students): The first edition of the year for Sean Morley’s comedy night. Promising to provide an experience that you’ll either forget, partially forget, or fully forget.  This months headliner is the effusively charming Harriet Dyer.

Rik Carranza – Star Trek vs Star Wars (Thursday 25th January, Leadmill, 7pm, £12.50): Prepare yourself for the ultimate showdown – Star Trek vs Star Wars! Geek culture collides in this fight to see which is better, a galaxy far far away or the final frontier. Hosting this passionate, explosive and heartfelt panel show, Rik Carranza brings top guests from all over the country in this battle for sci-fi superiority.

Sheffield Improv Jam (Thursday 25th January, DINA, 7:30pm, P.W.Y.W): It’s the first installment of the year for Sheffield’s leading improv gathering. Have fun playing short form games and get to know Sheffield’s wide reaching improv community.

Joel Dormett – Live (Thursday 25th January, City Hall, 8pm, £17.36): One of the UK’s most energetic and exciting comedians returns to the road with his solo show, Joel Dommett: LIVE. Catch the star of 2016’s ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ and Sky1’s ‘Bring The Noise’ as he delivers his high-octane comedy to Sheffield’s City Hall

(also roy chubby brown is doing city hall at some point but he’s a decrepid racist piece of shit so I won’t bother writing about it here. google it.)


Since 2017 ended not too long ago, it’s an end of year themed question this month. Not many answers this month since everybody was spending time with their families over the holidays, but nevertheless…

What comedy or comedy related moments did you enjoy in 2017?


I loved the fact that the revue turned 8th is year which gave us the opportunity to make so many jokes using words that rhyme with “8” in out birthday sketch show. Highlights include “copulate my housemate”, “estimate” & “reincarnate-d” to name but a few. It also gave me the opportunity to purchase that awesome Christmas jumper & fall off stage, which was quiet the comedic experience.


My best comedy experiences of 2017 were above all the brilliant minds I’ve met and interacted with, and most importantly learnt from and have been inspired by.

Stand-up is often labelled a lonely career, hobby or punishment for a past deed, but it’s not so – the loneliness is a choice; I have so many friends in comedy, who appear all over the place, that I find it difficult to be truly alone at a gig. And the other comedians on the bill or at the venue in the audience? I enjoy talking to them too, even if it’s for only a moment; interacting is important for healthy development.

Sketch comedy is less lonely, and improv is impossibly group centric, so comedy isn’t linked to loneliness – it’s just a choice.

As for events, my top events have been the Edinburgh Fringe – the stuff I performed and that I saw – and trying to break into the Parisian comedy scene.

It’s been a long, hard year, but I’ve enjoyed it all, and hope that it’s not my last in the world of comedy. Happy new year, and a happy new year!


As it’s the new year, here are some suggestions for things you do better yourself for 2018. See you next month.