Monthly Update: December 2017


Find out what’s happening with the society and with the Sheffield comedy scene for the month of December 2017.

Ho Ho Ho! It’s the the start of December, which means we’re officially half way through Christmas! Sleigh bells! Fairy lights! Snow! Turkey! Crippled train infrastructure being over capacity! Shrek re-runs! Black ice!

Yes indeed, the festive season is finally here. There’s a vast selection of christmas comedy events going on around the town. If you want a fun filled substitute for spending time with your family.

It’s nearly the end of an eventful 2017 for the society. And with this being the last Monthly Update of the year. It’s a good idea to look back and reflect on what we’ve done. An Edinburgh Fringe run for the first time in 4 years, a whole bunch of shows around the city, and the course the launch of Monthly Update, which we can all be thankful for.

Here’s hoping that 2018 is just as eventful, with even more comedy events to update about. We ourselves here at the Revue have a couple of things in the planning process that we can’t wait to talk about next year, but until then thanks for everyone for supporting us and coming to our shows this years. And we hope to see you again soon. On with the info!


Inside The Comedian #2: Phil takes a look at clowns, and basically comes to the conclusion that everything is fine and there’s nothing to worry about. Honestly, nothing’s wrong.

Loose Cannon: We’re over 40 episodes strong into our chaotic chat show podcast experiment, and we’re still going strong.  Don’t forget, you can even subscribe on iTunes

November Is The Ninth Month: Ethan talks about all the things he’s done in the past months, and then realises that there are more important current issues to ruminate over.

Videos, Videos, Videos: We’ve uploaded a bunch of new videos onto our YouTube channel. Including stand up material from this years Edinburgh Fringe, as well as our Halloween sketch show in full.

A Brief Committee Update: We held an EGM (another one, yeah) to decide a new co-artistic director as Ingrid sadly had to relinquish the role. Congrats to our new co-AD Jessica on getting the position.


Secret Santa Stand Up ’17 (Sunday 10th December, Blues, 7:30pm, P.W.Y.W): Our final show of the calendar year is a special one. The concept is simples Members write stand up sets for other people, and the other people have to perform the sets, with three days notice & no idea where the set came from, shenanigans ensue. This is not an experience to be missed.


Regular Nights

Mr Panda’s Comedy Night (Wednesday 6th December, Hagglers Corner, 8pm, P.W.Y.W): Charlie Gascoyne & Mr Panda bring a special festive edition of their night to Hagglers Corner. This special festive edition features Freddie Vinehill-Cliffe, Andrew Tymms, Max Wall, and Edy Hurst.

Kelham Comedy Club (Thursday 7th December, Urban Social, 7:30pm, P.W.Y.W): A brand new open mic comedy night comes to Kelham Island. Hosted by Aaron Jones and Ellie Pollard, and featuring Sturike Comedy.

Regather Comedy Club (Saturday 9th December, Regather Works, 7:30pm):  Sean Morley’s monthly night of comedy returns. This months edition is headlined by the Edinburgh Fringe smash success The Elvis Dead, a retelling of The Evil Dead II through the works of Elvis Presley.

Square Hole Comedy (Sunday 10th December, Red Deer, 7pm, £6 Advance/£8 Door): Rich Milners comedy showcase returns for it’s last show of the year. This month’s show celebrates the nights 7th anniversary and features the talents of the famed surrealist comedy master Tony Law.

Other Shows

Kaboodle Comedy Christmas (Saturday 2nd December, Edisons Coffee, 7:30pm, £6): It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Celebrate the holidays with an evening of comedy, singing and silliness from the Kaboodle Improv Theatre to get the holidays started. Improvised, as always.

Laughter In The Dark (Sunday 3rd December, The Shakespeare, P.W.Y.W): A comedy night with a difference. Come along to be blindfolded and exposed to an exciting night of comedy with a fantastic line-up of acts. In complete darkness! And it’s all for charity, to help raise awareness (and money) to support the Royal National Institute for Blind people and the good work they do for those living with sight loss.

Milton Jones Is Out There (Sunday 3rd December, City Hall, 7:30pm, £29.12): Milton Jones is Out There. No, really out there and this time he hasn’t just forgotten his keys. He’s holding up the mirror of truth to society, and he can see right through it, which means it’s probably just a window. In his brand new show he’ll be putting his foot down and lifting the lid on the pedal bin of lies of the media. He’ll  be scaling the heights of fashion at the risk of falling into a terrible cravat. He’ll be talking about his life so far; the ups, the downs and why buying his own see-saw was the best decision he ever made. Perhaps he should give all this up and seek the highest office in the land, but how do you get a desk and a swivel chair up a mountain?

Mall Santas (Thursday 7th December, DINA, 7pm, P.W.Y.W): A special christmas themed improv event from members of Guerilla Funfare and Sturike Comedy. When two soon to be out of work Mall Santas stumble upon an object of great power… the fabled Christmas Orb, their proceeding actions could have severe repercussions for Christmas 2017.

Oddeon (Thursday 7th December, Regather Works, 7pm, £7/£5 if you show a gremlin, gnome, troll or mogwai on entry): Oddeon, Sheffield’s premiere b-movie cinema, has returned – with the winds of the yuletide spirit underneath its wings. This months featured screening is Gremlins 2, which has to be seen to be believed. As ever, the screening will be preceded by interactive games and found footage mashups.

The Antics (Friday 8th December, Dorothy Pax, 7:30pm, P.W.Y.W): The Improv troupe returns to The Dorothy Pax for another fun filled night. With scenes, sketches and songs based entirely on audience suggestions. Come and join them for an intimate pay-what-you-feel gig at The Dorothy Pax in Victoria Quays.

Trust Fund (w. Sean Morley) (Sunday 10th December, Audacious Art Experiment, 7pm, £5 donation): What on earth is this music night doing on a comedy listing? Well it’s always good idea to immerse yourself in other art forms from time to time, but more importantly Sean Morley is performing there. Trust Fund happen to be a very good band as well. A good looking gig all round.

The Shrimps Christmas Show (Sunday 10th December, Raynor Lounge, 7pm, £3/£2 Members): Join the University of Sheffield’s Improv society, The Shrimps, for an amazingly festive night of Improvised comedy! It’s a bumper, double length show, so you’re getting twice as much entertainment for your money! Who knows, maybe Santa will make an appearance!

Barbara Nice (Wednesday 20th December, Leadmill, 7pm, £12.50): Your favourite Stockport housewife invites you to a Christmas shindig complete with raffle, tombola and mince pies. Join her in a bumper bundle selection box of seasonal fun with all the trimmings.


Every month we ask members young & old the important questions of today, in comedy and beyond. Here are their answers for this month.

What single piece of comedy changed your life? Why?

“Probably sitting down with my mum to watch her well worn 90s VHS tape of Victoria Wood when I was about 11. Not so much for comedy reasons, as that it was one of the first times I appreciated that my mum was an actual adult, with an adult sense of humour and an adult life that existed beyond just being my parent (if that makes sense?).”

“I guess my first show I saw the revue perform at Stephenson Hall in Endcliffe, it was very hit and miss, jokes regularly failed to land but people didn’t really care. You could tell they were just in it for the joy of performing and being part of the group. Changed my perception of comedy as something that “people” do to something “I” could do. (Hopefully that makes sense)”

“I can’t think of a piece of comedy that changed my life. But I would say that the first Revue workshop o showed up to changed my perspective on comedy, from it being this thing I see on TV to something that I could do alongside other people.”

“Dylan Moran – Monster. To this day, I don’t know why I randomly picked up a copy of that DVD at HMV when I was 15. Having grown up with comedy DVDs from my Grampa, from Morecambe and Wise to the Likely Lads, and watching the comedies my parents watched, from Monty Python to Gimme Gimme Gimme, it surprisingly took me until finding this DVD to discover stand-up existed. Before then, it was only ever TV comedy, like sketches and sitcoms and double act variety shows, that I’d known. These were all things rich people did, not me or anyone I knew – my dad’s ambition for me has always been that I become a teacher, as that is seen as a well off job that can make me rise out of the relative gutter of factory work and social care my parents were in for most of their lives – but stand-up? That made me realise I could probably perform comedy without being a privileged, TV person. And that, followed by an English GCSE speech I gave where my teacher and classmates told me to go into comedy, is why I’m here.”

Money no object, what christmas present would you give for the person you hate the most? Why?

“I would buy a friendship bracelet and then give them a second more broken friendship bracelet for Easter. So that they know they’ll never be a second person that wore it and they were being a shmuck.”

“I would probably buy some politician or other a very cheap scented candle from Poundland. On the one hand who doesn’t like scented candles? Maybe it will improve the state of the nation indirectly. On the other hand many cheap scented candles actually contain formaldehyde.”

I would buy Michael Gove a mug, because that’s what people use to hold coffee in a normal office.”

“Six slave children. Different ethnic origins and genders. All in a big cage, left in my enemy’s kitchen, with a note saying I’ve called the police in pig Latin.”

“I would buy a box full of angry bees. Because a) they’ll sting when opened and b) they can’t be mad, because bees. (P.S. they wouldn’t be the kind of bees that die after stinging)”


An actual list of sketch ideas for our Christmas sketch show last year. See you next month.