You Won’t Believe What Happened After We Held This EGM.

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The results will shock you.

It’s been a momentous week here at TSR HQ. After holding a EGM, the whole committee has been shaken up, spun around, turned upside down, put in a spin cycle. Nothing will ever be the same again!

Firstly,  congrats to Luke & Ingrid on becoming our new Artistic Directors! Multiple Artistic Directors is something new we’re trying out in the hope that, we’ll see how it goes.

Secondly, Gus is now our new Venues Manager & Social Secretary! As well as holding his already existing role of Publicity Officer. You will never hear the end of this guy.

That unfortunately means that the committee has to to say goodbye to Marcus & Rob, they haven’t disappeared. They’ve just left the committee. Don’t worry, they’re safe. They both put in a lot of work into the running of this society, and I think I speak for the whole committee in saying that their voices and contributions will be missed. But they’re not hurt or lost or anything, let’s make that very clear. Do not wake up in a cold sweat during the night worrying about their whereabouts.

Anyway, the shiny new list of committee members is thus:

  • Max: President
  • Damian: Treasurer
  • Luke: Secretary & Artistic Director
  • Saquib: Inclusions Officer
  • Gus: Publicity Officer, Social Secretary, & Venues Manager
  • Ingrid: Tech Officer & Artistic Director
  • Phil: Tech Officer

Here’s to a perpetually smooth and incident free future.


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