Meet The Committee (2017/2018)


The Sheffield Revue doesn’t run itself. We wish it did. But alas, autonomous technology is a way off. In the mean time the society is run by a talented, passionate bunch of student volunteers who are as lovely as they are hopelessly naive.  This is who they are, what they do., and why in gods name they’re spending time at a place like this.


About You: Hey there, my name is Max but you already knew that. I am your sitting president and am doing a masters degree in Chemistry (aren’t I a clever clogs), I am 5.11 and still have chip on my shoulder about that ( BUT SERIOUSLY I’M BASICALLY 6 FOOT!). What I do in the revue is basically overseeing everyone and making everything runs smoothly. Comically I am a stand up and improvisational comedian who’s running total of what I have been been paid to perform comedy currently stands (at time of writing) £10.05, so I am basically a professional comedian and totally have a real job (QUIET MOM!).

Why Did You Join: I was getting into comedy and getting more involved with the Sheffield comedy scene and wouldn’t you know? There was the Sheffield revue, a bunch of other people who were wanting to do the stuff I was wanting to learn how to do. And plus , as a side note, I got to hang out with some funny motherfuckers (disclaimer; to the best of my knowledge none of the committee has fucked your mother). But during my time at the revue I learnt how to write and perform comedy and basically do stuff, even a year ago, I wouldn’t think I’d be doing in a million years. So yeah, it’s being good.

Favourite Comedies/Comedians:  I will always go back to the first videos I was given by my parents, back when I was almost certainly too young to watch them, and I used to watch them over and over again. Dressed to kill by Eddie Izzard and sonic waffle by Ross Noble. Getting kinda real here, they informed my outlook on what it meant to be funny and I used to try and memorize and retell the jokes to my friends and then mess up the retelling

Worst Animal: The common cold! It just doesn’t bring anything to the table, at least house flies feeds frogs. The cold just multiplies and multiplies and multiplies and multiplies (exponential growth is a bitch), and all it does is give people runny noses, ruins people sleep and kills pensioners dead during the winter. And it isn’t even cute, cats decimate the local ecosystem but god damn the make good instagram posts! And not to mention one day the common cold will one day mutate and kill us all. The selfish shit!


About You: Sup. I’m Marcus, the eldest and longest serving member of The Revue committee. My welcome has long been outstayed, but alas, here I am, still helping to mould the Uni Comedy Scene. I graduated from the Uni with a 2:1 in Law in 2016, and should be getting my masters in criminology soon. With regards to the Revue, I’ve been AD twice, President twice, Publicity Officer and Secretary, so I know my way around avoiding doing my actual degree. I do lots of Stand-Up, and host my own shows around Sheffield all the time. I’ve also been in many a sketch show, and the best sketch I’ve ever written is definitely the French Waiter Proposal Sketch (ask me about it – you won’t regret it)

Why Did You Join: I started doing comedy properly at Sixth form, when a friend made me do stand-up at a charity variety night. I was the penultimate act, and performed to a room of almost 200 people. My first gig will always go down as the biggest audience I ever performed to. So when I came to Uni I was on a high of comedy goodness, and needed to keep it going. So I joined The Revue, and our sister society The Shrimps. I haven’t looked back since, and I must be getting towards my half century of shows now. Great times. Great Society.

Favourite Comedies/Comedians:  I’m open to all types of comedy. When I was little, my family would go on holiday to my nans seaside bungalow. She had a VHS player, but only 2 tapes: Thomas the Tank Engine, and Lee Evans: Live at Her Majesty’s Theatre. I must have watched that show a thousand times, and he has always been a favourite of mine since. Now that I’ve developed a more nuanced approach to comedy, I’d say that Stewart Lee is probably my favourite stand-up. I love Sketch comedy of all sorts. Morecambe and Wise, Mitchell and Webb, Armstrong and Miller (double acts only, please)

Worst Animal: The worst animal? What sort of question is this? Erm… Jesus I don’t fucking know. I went to the zoo once and there was an exhibit called “world’s most destructive animal”. It was a one way mirror looking at other visitors. Humans are pretty shitty aren’t they… we? Yeah I think that Humans are probably the worst animal. That or pigeons. Fucking sky rats.


About You: I’m not very good at talking about myself. I don’t know who I am. Who am I?! I’m male. I’m white. I’m 20 years old. I occasionally like to convert digested carbohydrates into ATP via respiration. I am secretary and social secretary for Revue. Having two roles means I’m officially twice as important as everyone else on the committee (you don’t have to ask the others about this, just trust me). As secretary my job is mainly administrative; booking rooms and responding to emails. As social secretary I am in charge of organising all the things that happen outside workshops. The Sheffield Revue is a very tight knit society and all our members spend a lot of time socialising outside of office hours. Some socials that I will be organising this year are; meals, pub crawls, trips to the cinema, going to see lots and lots (and lots) of comedians. In the past we have been to see such acts as; Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Sara Pascoe and a wide variety of hilarious local talent. I know that joining a new society can be daunting that’s why I endeavour to make sure all new members of our society are able to socialise and get to know our current members in a friendly, welcoming environment and that no one is felt left out.

Why Did You Join: I joined the society because I wanted to do stand up comedy, it’s pretty simple. Why did I want to do stand up comedy? I don’t know. A deep seated need for attention? Self hatred? Desperately searching for the approval of my parents? Who knows. But whatever the reason, I love it. I have loved comedy for as long as I can remember and when I had the opportunity to write, perform and socialise with a group of like minded people who share the same passion for comedy as me, well, it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Favourite Comedies/Comedians:  My favourite comedian is hands down Stewart Lee. In fact, he is the comedian that convinced me that I could give stand up a go. Some of my other favourite comedians are Ricky Gervais, Bo Burnham, Louis C.K, Reginald D. Hunter and many, many more.
As for TV comedies, the UK office is probably the greatest work of comedic art that has ever graced our screens and I will fight anyone that says otherwise (not actually fight, you’d probably win). But other shows I love are: Rick and Morty, Parks and Recreation, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Arrested Development and many more (why are all these shows American? What am I? Some kind of dirty yank?).

Worst animal: Bats. I hate bats. It all started when I was a child. I was in my garden playing with a friend when I fell down a well and into a cave that was infested with bats. This experience traumatised me irreversibly but luckily I’ve been able to use this deep seated fear of bats along with my unresolved grief over the murder of my parents (long story, don’t ask) to take to the streets nightly, take out hardened criminals, fight organised crime and try to foil the evil plots of this one guy who likes to dress up like a clown (weird, I know). So yeah… bats suck.


About You: I’m Gus, the Publicity guy, which means it’s my job to get people to our shows. This has meant I’ve developed a wide range of skills including bribery, coercion, kidnapping, hypnosis, mind control, human cloning and advanced human-mimicking-AI-controlled robotics. When I’m not doing that I’m either studying Biology or down the pub. To any Dodos reading this, I’m also available to hire to spread the word of your return.

Why Did You Join: I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh, so at times my life has often seemed quite joyless! I can safely say that most of my close friends at uni are people I’ve met through comedy. That way even when I’m not being funny, somebody else near me is, so I can always have a laugh.

Favourite Comedies/Comedians: I was brought up on dad jokes. And the people making those dad jokes stole them from classic 70s comedy like Morecambe and Wise. For all the clever political commentary on our stages and screens these days, comedy for me has always been about entertainment first and foremost. These guys had a real stage presence and lovable charm that could make even the daftest material entertaining.

Worst Animal: The panda. The panda is without a doubt one of the most useless animals on the planet. It should be dead. If I had my way dammit… Look, the panda eats the most nutrition-less plant it has access to, and has to eat so much of it simply to keep breathing. Cus that’s just about all it can do, eat and breathe. It provides no services for either us, nor the ecosystem. It’s not even well adapted, it’s black and white for God’s sake, in a GREEN jungle! And yet the panda retains a crucial position in conservation marketing across the planet. We hear about panda mating fiascos all the time on the news, we see their cute and cuddly logos at the forefront of major organisations like the WWF. And for me that’s even worse than us wasting time on such a rubbish organism; that it works for conservation publicity to be based around something lovely and harmless like a panda, whereas ugly and dangerous animals are left to go extinct! I’d even go so far as to say the panda issue can provide some useful commentary on today’s appearance-obsessed culture- Wait, did I just say the panda was in some way useful? Shit.


About You: I just handle venues. I’m really not that important. Why do I need to fill this out?

Why Did You Join: I wanted to do something interesting in my third year so I gave it a try and it stuck.

Favourite Comedies/Comedians:  I’m relatively cosmopolitan. My favourite stand-up is John Mulaney (who no one here has heard of). I have a soft spot for improv (check out The Shrimps); Whose Line was my first exposure to comedy. I will give most comedies a go but I can’t promise to stay interested.

Worst Animal: No such thing


About You:  I was born to a virgin. My sole goal in life is to spread the good word of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ .

Why Did You Join: I was told this is a Christian Crusading society, but we still haven’t visited the holy lands so I thought I would become treasurer to get the funds.

Favourite Comedies/Comedians:  The Divine Comedy. Seeing the description of Judas being eaten made me guffaw for years.

Worst Animal: The serpent. Traitorous and ungodly creatures which have no place in the world. If I was Noah (Praise be) I would never allow those tricksters onto my ark. Of course, all other creatures are perfect in the eyes of the almighty.


About You: Hello reader, I am Saquib, your friendly neighbourhood inclusions officer. I’m in my 3rd year of BSc Archaeology, despite all my engineer friends telling me archaeology isn’t a science. My role in the committee is to basically be everyone’s friend! I’ll be doing my best to make sure everyone feels included (hahahahah) and that all your voices are heard. Which is great because I was planning to be everyone’s friend anyway, but now I have a fancy title to go with it. I really enjoy performing in sketch shows and recently have taken up to stand up (which means i’ve only done one show at the time of writing).

Why Did You Join: A friend of mine joined and had a really good time at the first workshop, he was saying how fun it was when he got home and said to me “Saquib you should come along too, it’s like a club full of people just like you”. And of course I was like fuck to the yes! So I rocked up to a few workshops, and even though my friend stopped coming because of other commitments, I stuck around because the workshops were interesting and all of the members were lovely. Also I hadn’t done any acting since year 10 so it was a lot of fun to get back into the performance side of the revue, as well as learning about writing. Also just hanging out post-workshops was a nice way to get to know everyone better and makes the revue feel like more than just a uni society that i’m a member of.

Favourite Comedies/Comedians:  I mean all of the spectacular talent at The Sheffield Revue of course. But in terms of  professionals i’ve got a really broad taste, like anything from Frankie Boyle to Katherine Ryan. Likewise with TV/Movies, i’m a fan of sketch shows, sitcoms, regular coms, animation, etc… as long as it has some jokes and doesn’t take itself too seriously it’s my cup of tea. (disclaimer: i’m not that fond of tea). But like it has to be more than just joke after joke, I need to be invested in the people behind the jokes!!!

Worst Animal: The Dodo? I mean I haven’t seen one in a long time. At the very least they need a better publicity officer…..if only….there was one….on this pagesomewhere….to help……the fucking dodo’s……….


About You: Hi, I’m Ingrid. I have a funny accent and an undergraduate degree in Theatre/English literature. I also just finished my masters in Theatre performance so really should be getting better at this by now. I hate olives, love dogs, and once broke my toe with a block of cheese.

Why Did You Join: I joined about a year ago. I’ve always loved sketch writing, so here I am. I never intended to get into stand-up, but here we are (thanks to the magic of peer pressure)!

Favourite Comedies/Comedians:  I love musical comedy and write lots of silly songs. But my main criteria for good comedy is just stuff that makes me laugh. Improv, puns, Monty Python, poo – it’s all good fun.

Worst Animal: I don’t want to be negative, so I’ll do favourite animals instead. Dogs, goats, turtles, squirrels, cats, quokkas and baby sloths.


About You: Phil. 6’4 and perpetually terrified. Melanin rich. Keeps banging on about how comedy is an art form. Runs the website. Designs the visuals. Including the architecture of all the rooms we work in. Eats the ham. Runs the podcast. The podcast is called Loose Cannon. Helps people working on their degrees who should really know better how to use basic windows software. ‘Works at Stand-Up Comedy’. Gets paid in biscuits. Likes the hipitty hop and the jazz. Sometimes writes lengthy thinkpieces about things that no one cares about. Hella Oedipus Complex. Still cries at a good film. Still kisses with saliva. Does an intensive labour and time draining 4 year electronic engineering degree on the side. A pig in a cage on antibiotics. Writes sketches sometimes. Shouts out to the holy trinity. God, lemon flavoured skittles, and disappointment.

Why Did You Join: I love comedy more than I love food & water. But I never for a second thought that when I joined I would be writing and performing as much as I do now. I honestly joined because it seemed like a cool society to be a part of, but I thought I was too anxious and insecure to step my toes in. I was wrong. Why am I here? Well, I get to write, talk about, and do comedy, which I care about very much. I get to hang out with people who also enjoy comedy, which is also pretty nice. And in general it’s just a great environment to try out new stuff out in and, as cliched and vomit inducing as it sounds, find your own voice. My comedy voice, not my actual voice, which I developed as I progressed through childhood and which sounds like shit. Also, it’s free, which helped.

Favourite Comedies/Comedians: Shows? Mr Show? Limmy’s Show? Chappelle’s Show? Peep Show? The Armando Iannucci Shows? The Maria Bamford Show? The Larry Sanders Show?   Lots of shows. Lots of ‘show’ shows. Also, Review, Nathan For You, Atlanta, Louie, The I.T Crowd, Jam, The Day Today, I’m Alan Partridge, Seasons 1-8 of The Simpsons. These also exist and are shows. Can’t really name comedians that I enjoy off the top of my head. But I enjoyed Judy from Punch & Judy last time I saw her. Good kid. Great future.

Worst Animal: Pigs. George Orwell ruined pigs for everyone. There is no logical precedent to why anthropomorphic pigs would inherently be characterized as deceitful and power hungry. They roll around in their own filth I guess? But even I do that. Nevertheless, this personification has entered the cultural canon and now pigs have come to represent capitalism & money, which I now hate now i’ve pretended to read Capital by Groucho Marx. But I guess pigs are our go to hated animal now that Lions are cute again & Rhinos are extinct. Pigs are responsible for the worst Beatles song. Pigs are half responsible for Charlotte’s Web existing. Fuck pigs. Although not literally, unless you want to become prime minister.


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