Big Edinburgh News: Sketch On, Sketch Off


Not only is the Sheffield Revue going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year with its own sketch and stand-up show, but we’re also hosting a glorious night of brilliant sketches with special guests the Birmingham Footnotes, the Edinburgh Revue and the Warwick Revue!

The night promises to be a huge night of laughs, and it’s all free as part of the Laughing Horse Free Festival! A one night only special, you’re guaranteed to enjoy!

For more information on this show, click here, or keep reading this page for more information on  the individual shows of each comedy society at the Fringe.

Birmingham Footnotes
Sketch Show: Black Market. 12:50. 16th – 26th August.
Stand-up Show:

Edinburgh Revue
Sketch Show:
Stand-up Show:
Compilation Show: Canonsgate. 21:15. Every day.

Warwick Revue
Sketch Show: Black Market. 17:15. 5th – 15th August (but not the 8th).
Stand-up Show:

All of their shows are also free, with the PBH Free Fringe.