In the very special & very filmed final episode of the academic year, we talk theology, history, & politics as we take the flimsy structure of Loose Cannon to limits it’s never gone before. With Rob, Ingrid, Gus, Alex, Saquib, Benny, & Damian.

Editors Note:
As it says up there in the title, this is the last episode of the academic year and of Series 1 (I guess we’re doing series’ now? We really are making things up on the fly). It’s been a real journey. We started this out last June with no idea or plan, we didn’t even have a name for the first four episodes. 12 months, 28 episodes and numerous audio issues later, and Loose Cannon has inexplicably ended up being one of the most fun & fruitful aspects of the Revue this year. It hasn’t gone without fault, but once we smoothed the kinks out and embraced the podcast’s chaotic format, it started to take a life of it’s own. Becoming in a way like an anti panel show, a show devoid of order or reason, and a chance for our members to riff and mess around in a unfiltered environment.

Thanks to Marcus, Max, Pez, Matt, Alex, Benny, Ethan, Shem, Tom, Rob, Ghislan, Collin, Stephen, Joel, Damian, Luke, Ingrid, Chad, Saquib, Sarah, & Gus for being a part of these. And thanks to everyone for listening. Especially you. You’re the best.

We plan to be back in September for more of this nonsense, or even August if we’re lucky. In the mean time feel free to listen to previous episodes on the podcast here (or here if you’re an iTunes fan). Until then, here’s to another academic year of risky experiments, libelous statements, and talking over each other.