Meet The Committee (2016/2017)


It’s all fun and games here at the Revue, but did you know that the Revue is run by actual human beings? They’re not even that awful either, some are even almost decent.

Why not take a peek behind the curtain and take a look at the people who pull the strings?

Matthew Prestage: President

Hello! I’m Lord High Commander King Emperor President of the Revue. Call me Matthew. I’m responsible for keeping the Revue together and not letting it tear itself apart in a fit of comedy-based anarchy. You’ll see me most during the Tuesday Writing Workshops, because I run those in an attempt to remind myself I’m in charge. I’m always looking for ways to expand the Revue and attract more comedians and audiences, so if you have any thoughts on what we’re doing right or wrong feel free to have a chat! I joined the Revue at the beginning of my first year, and have since enjoyed a full and varied career in sketch-writing and stand-up comedy. The experience so far has taught me many things, including the fact that the North of England has a particularly harsh view on waistcoats, and that no matter how often I explain it, nobody’s ever going to pronounce my name correctly.

  • Favourite Comedian: Rhod Gilbert/Simon Evans
  • Favourite Comedy: Blackadder
  • Reason for Joining: I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh. Why not make a hobby of it?

Marcus Newman: Secretary and Artistic Director

Wilkommen; Bienvenue; Ey’up. The names Marcus, and unlike the young’uns who have written their biographies around me, this isn’t the first time I’ve been on committee. Far from it. I’m ruddy ancient me. Having served my sentence as President for two terms, it was time to hand over to someone younger, better and less handsome than me, isn’t that right Matthew? Now I hang around meetings and workshops, lurking in the corner and looking for fresh talent to steal for my own (like the aliens in Space Jam – Remember Space Jam?). I started doing stand up at sixth form, and have since done far too many sets to remember. When not complaining about the youth of today or shaking my fist at the sun, you can probably find me doing stand up, hosting my own show, or running the performance workshops – as is my job. Feel free to come and talk to me about any aspect of comedy, I’m more than happy to lend a wise old hand to the fray. The Revue has been such a big part of my life, and although I dabbled with comedy before joining the society, it has been developed so much since, and that’s in no small part to the old hands that were here when I first joined back in ninety-dickety-two.

In all seriousness, the Revue is a truly exceptional resource for any of you budding comedians. I simply wouldn’t be with out it, and I’ve been around long enough to want to see it go on for a very, very long time. I hope to see you at the performing workshops I’ll be running, and at the writing workshops where I’ll be distracting Matt. Please come and talk to me about comedy, it gets so lonely in the home (I’m 21 really. That’s barely middle aged).

  • Favourite Comedian: Stewart Lee/Ricky Gervais
  • Favourite Comedy: The Simpsons, Impractical Jokers
  • Reason for Joining: Able to perform and get better at comedy – Too good an opportunity to miss.

Benny Dörnyei: Treasurer

How’s it going? I’m Benny! The surname’s from Hungary – and now that you mention it, I am feeling a bit peckish… I carry the weighty responsibility of dealing with the society’s finances (it’s actually quite straightforward, but don’t tell the others!) I fill out a few forms, pay everybody who needs to be payed, avoid bankruptcy; things like that. Despite not having any experience in comedy before I came to uni, I rocked up to Sheffield, joined the Revue, and found myself performing actual stand-up and writing actual sketches within the first few weeks! Amazing! And now, I’m on the committee, and they’re making me write this informative paragraph! Follow your dreams! So, if you need access to our sweet, sweet reserves (with legitimate reason), if you have any ideas as to how we should spend them, or if you want me to stop using the rule of three, I’m your guy! Outside of the Revue, I study Japanese, so I can also fix you with some quality Hello Kitty merchandise if need be!

  • Favourite Comedian: Eddie Izzard/Tim Vine/I don’t really have one
  • Favourite Comedy: Ooh, did Matt say Blackadder? Anything with Rowan Atkinson is a good shout
  • Reason for Joining: Some friends said I should join the comedy society when I go to uni… so I did!

Philip Oke: Inclusions Officer

Performing & writing comedy is fun and rewarding, but for somebody just starting out it can be a little daunting. The great thing about being in a comedy society is that you’re surrounded by people who you can collaborate and discuss comedy with. A big part of being in your element as a comedian is opening up and being able to discuss ideas freely. And I hope to make that as easy for everyone as possible. As inclusions my job is to make everybody feel welcome at home in the society, and to keep the collaborative community aspect of the society going. Here at the revue we have such a diverse range of styles & preferences as comedians, so I aim to demonstrate that all styles and types of comedy & comedian are welcomed. When I’m not doing comedy related stuff I spend my free time studying Electronic Engineering & snacking on variety on unhealthy processed foods. I also do admin work for this very website. So you’re welcome for that

  • Favourite Comedian: Dave Chappelle/Maria Bamford (and loads more!)
  • Favourite Comedy: Mr Show/The Simpsons (and loads more!)
  • Reason for Joining: So many reasons. Comedy is great. It’s fun, it’s a great way of expressing yourself creatively, you get to meet interesting people, and it’s a good respite from the stresses of doing a degree. I was a bit ambivalent to doing this stuff at first, but joining the revue was probably the best decision I’ve made since I started uni.

Ethan Davies: Publicity Officer and Social Secretary

Hello there! Ethan here! I’m the man behind the curtain of the Facebook and Twitter posts and other publicity initiatives, such as this article and this page; I turn everything into A3 sized posters of gold. I’m also the one who organises our outings to see other comedians around the place, as well as meals, cinema trips, LaserZone sort of things, karaoke – the list is endless, really, although not many social-centric wars against Jamaica have been started as of yet. I’m always open to suggestions for things, so if you want to see a comedian or are having difficulty finding people to come to your birthday sleepover party in McDonald’s, let me know and I’ll try my best to help you! Away from the committee, I write a lot of sketches and perform stand-up as often as I can. My sketches are some of the more bizarre in the Revue, and through my stand-up I have been deemed ‘offensive’, ‘Welsh’ and even ‘dangerous’, but I’m also a Green party supporting vegetarian studying French and music, so don’t be scared.

  • Favourite Comedian: Charlie Chaplin/Dylan Moran.
  • Favourite Comedy: Modern Times/The Young Ones.
  • Reason for Joining: I’ve always been into performing, and comedy is the one that attracts me the most: making people laugh while expressing myself is indescribable!

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