Friend of the Revue: Rahul Kohli

I first joined the Sheffield revue in my third year of university after starting stand-up comedy in the preceding summer. The revue is incredibly helpful for both stand-up and sketch writing. In terms of stand-up, the guy’s there really helped me develop my stage-presence and writing ability. The guys and gals there were also incredibly nice and friendly, and didn’t make me feel nervous at my first session at all, even though they all knew each other pretty well. They made me loads of connections and pointed me to all the right people and nights in terms of gigs and venues, which allowed me to further develop my skills. I even ended up trying my hand at sketch-writing and performing which I thoroughly enjoyed and received really useful feedback on. If I didn’t have the revue throughout my final year of University, I wouldn’t be at the stage I’m at with my stand up now, where I am receiving paid gigs here and there, and recently got a 4* review for my debut solo Edinburgh Fringe Show, which I have attached JUST TO SHOW YOU MUDDAFUCKAZ HOW JUST ABOVE AVERAGE I AM. YEAHHH, YA BARE RECOGNIZE BITCH.

While I comprehensively loved my time in the Sheffield Revue, my only regret with them is not having joined earlier. I left it till my final year, and I’m sure if I had joined earlier, I’d be at a much more advanced stage with my stand-up. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t let your dreams linger… join the Sheffield Revue now…or adopt a kitten. But the Sheffield Revue is far cheaper, and less exhaustive than owning a kitten…plus the Sheffield Revue won’t shit on your floor, well most of them won’t. That Daniel Kiernan loves shitting on floors. Used to pop round my house uninvited regularly just to shit on my floor for no real reason whatsoever, it would send my flatmates wild! “FUCKS SAKE MAN RAHUL” they’d say, “If we wanted so much shit on our floor, we would’ve just bought a bloody cat. There’s nothing funny about your mate shitting on our floor!” I found it funny though. Old Danny Shitonyourfloor Kiernan we used to call him, so yeah…join the revue. (n.b neither Daniel nor any other member of the Sheffield Revue will shit on your floor.)

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